Eventide Poem
is an Gothic / Symphonic Metalband
from Overijssel, The Netherlands.

Eventide Poem is mainly an gothic metalband with symphonic influences.

The band consists of Anke, Relinde and Ryan, three musicians who produce this unique metal sound, a combination of gothic and symphonic metal alternating with heavy riffs and grooves inspired by various other metalgenres.

These symphonic influences are produced by Anke's mezzo-soprano voice and therefore she is the feature of our sound. We really wanted to make heavy shit music, so Relinde and Ryan complete the vocals with their grunts.

Riffwitch Relinde on guitar gives a big and great sound on her guitar. In combination with her pedals can she produce a wide variety in her sound. Our drummer


Ryan regularly breaks his cymbals, This powerhouse is going crazy on double bass and loves his blastbeats.


Together we make our music as it is: Gothic / Symphonic Metal with “slightly” dark and melancholic lyrics.

Nevertheless, it makes us happy!




Eventide Poem

(Anke, Relinde and Ryan)